How to build backlinks for SEO

It’s no news that the only way to stay competitive without blowing through your marketing budget is harnessing the power of SEO.

It’s to be, however, noted that SEO comes in different layers, where each layer impacts your SEO results directly. One such segment is off-page SEO, which is essentially about link building.

It’s what search engines use to establish the quality of your website. When sites with better DA scores link back to you, search engines interpret your site as high quality, and will, as such, rank it appropriately in the SERP.

It looks simple, but really! How do you get these sites to link back to you?

Here’re a few tricks you may use:


With outreach, you have to reach out to other bloggers in your niche and introduce them to your blog or content. You don’t necessarily need content, but something worth linking to – like products, brand, personality, or services.

Make an effort to reach out to other entrepreneurs, bloggers, and start ups and let them know about your business, blog, or website. Ask them to review your products or services, and use the feedback they give to refine your future offering and attract even more backlinks.

Guest blogging

This is the oldest link building strategy in the book. No one hardly makes a list like this without including guest blogging. But there’s a twist to it that many people either don’t know or are ignoring it deliberately.

Just head on to search engines and run the terms “your niche keyword + intitle + write for us” For instance, if you provide london seo services, it can be something like:

SEO services in-title write for us’ The problem is that everyone is doing this.

But here’s the twist: you’re not necessarily restricted to sites that accept guest blogs. As long as the site is relevant, make a point to reach out to them and ask them if they take guest blogs.

Broken Link Building

Broken link building is exactly as the name states. You simply scour the internet for all the websites with broken links.

Open as many articles as you can and try clicking on the resources. The chances are that some of these resources are dead. Now you can reach out to the company and ask them to consider linking the article to your blog post instead since the other one isn’t working.

Unlinked Mentions

Some people will mention your business and forget to throw in your link.

Make an effort to reach out to these businesses or bloggers and thank them for mentioning you. Remind them that you’d appreciate it if they hyper linked your name with a link to your website, page, or blog post. Provide the link if necessary

It’s that simple.

It’s a Wrap-Up

SEO London is not complicated, but it’s certainly not easy. As you can see, so much effort goes into generating just one link. That explains why some business owners find it more convenient to outsource the services to a qualified provider of London seo services, such as Swift SEO Direct.

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